【Notice】 New Registered Air Mail shipping option

GearBest is proud to announce a new Registered Air Mail shipping option. Provided by HYT, the

weight limit is 3.5kg, packages can legally contain Textiles, Power Banks, products with batteries,

etc. Shipping fees are between $5 and $30 (making it cheaper than DHL), orders can be tracked

online 7-10 days after order submission, and shipping time is just 10-22 days. It compares very

favorably with Unregistered Air Mail which has a lower weight allowance (2.0kg), slower shipping

time (15-35 days) and no online tracking feature. Registered Air Mail is currently being tested. You

are welcome to make an order using it (please select USA Registered from Available Shipping

Methods) and provide feedback via the order status. We will are continually working to make your

shopping experience even more convenient. Thank you. Go for shopping here!

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July 5, 2017 at 9:54 AM delete

This is great that you guys are offering more shipping options. I know this must have taken some serious strategic planning but I think it's worthwhile to have the extra option. Wishing you guys continued success at GearBest.